Outdoor guided canoe tour in the Amsterdam Wetlands

Enjoy the Wetlands Safari with Majel. We meet each other at Metrostation Noord, with a short bus ride (less than 10minutes) the guide takes you home to her local Waterlands house.

After a short introduction you will explore the Dutch wetlands is AmsterdamWetlands in a canoe with 2 or 3 people. The guide tells you about the area and bird and plant life. Halfway we make a stop at a island for a pic nic with local products. This is the way to see and feel the real Dutch countryside.

During a Wetlands Safari , in business since 1995, will guide you through a 17th century landscape, through villages that still are built on land and water. In this unique watery landscape dominated by dense reed lands, you will watch numerous water fowl and singing birds. Enjoy the wonderful, spicy smelling waterplants with their fascinating flowers.

In canoes you will explore far into the moorland-meadows. Where possible, we will get out of the canoe for a small walk in the reed lands. An expert guide, English speaking, will inform you about plants as sundew ( carnivorous plant) and wildlife such as the black-tailed godwit and the origins as well as the origins of this special landscape. A landscape that inspired Holland’s most famous painters back in the Golden Age, painters like Rembrandt and Ruysdael.



Kanovaren in Waterland met Wetlands Safari
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