Museums in Old Holland - Worth the visit

Old Holland is a paradise for anyone who likes to immerse themselves in culture and history. This region in North Holland is full of memories of the age-old struggle between water and land, flourishing trading cities and cultural heritage. The Archaeological Minimuseum De Waterwolf tells the story of the drowned village of Etersheim, the battle against the Zuiderzee and the formation of the landscape. The Purmerend Museum, the Edam Museum and the Volendam Museum immerse you in the past of these Old Holland villages and towns. After visiting these museums, Old Holland will never look the same again!

Through the eyes of the Old Masters - Discover the hidden gems of Old Holland

Creative people and art lovers can indulge themselves in Old Holland. You will find the most beautiful art collections, surprising exhibitions, sculpture gardens and galleries spread throughout the region. Over the years, Laag Holland has been home to several great talents and these works can, fortunately, still be viewed today.
Discover the region through the eyes of the Old Masters and be inspired!

Follow in the footsteps of...

The decor of Old Holland has been the source of inspiration for many artists for centuries. Claude Monet, Jan Toorop and even Paul Signac, among others, were inspired by our beautiful region when painting their masterpieces. Cycle past the idyllic places where these icons have been, see where they made their artworks and discover why they were so fascinated by Old Holland. No time to cycle the entire route? The route can be divided into three sub-routes!

Cycle route 'Ode to the Old Holland Landscape'
Portret van Leendert Spaander  in Hotel Spaander in Volendam.
  • Portret van Leendert Spaander  in Hotel Spaander in Volendam.

Volendam, The Artist Village

In the audio tour 'Volendam, the Artist Village', Leendert Spaander tells the story of Volendam based on various paintings from his Spaander Collection. Walk along De Dijk and through the picturesque streets and learn more about the most remarkable places in the village. View the paintings in the app and compare the current Volendam with that of the past. Curious about the walking route?

Audiotour 'Volendam, the Artist Village'
Prachtige kunstwerken komen je tegemoet bij de entree in Hotel Spaander.