Gastronomy in North Holland - Experience the fruits of the Old Dutch commercial spirit

Laag Holland has a rich history of food production and trade with the ever-growing Amsterdam. That commercial spirit has left its mark to this day. Apart from the impressive warehouses and the once bustling ports, there is still plenty to do in for foodies in the many villages and towns. At Groot Cheese Farm you can, for example, buy real Beemster Cheese straight from the cheese machine. In Monnickendam you can relive the time of the old North Holland in a busy harbor full of (traditionally smoked) fish, such as eel, during the Monnickendammer Fishing Days. Those who feel like some action can pick their own fruit during specific days at de Toffe Peer Orchard in the Beemster. Would you like to supplement this culinary adventure with an educational moment? Then visit Jacobs Hoeve cheese farm, Henri Willig's location in Katwoude, where you can see exactly where the milk comes from and how it is made into cheese. And at Korenmolen de Nachtegaal in the Beemster, they explain in great detail how their delicious pancake mix is ​​made, while the flowers and the bees ensure the production of the tastiest local honey. Delicious!

A product for every season - Be surprised all year round in Old Holland

Real foodies will enjoy Old Holland all year round. The range of regional products in this region of North Holland is so diverse that you can enjoy the goodies that the region has to offer in every season.
A number of products per season are highlighted below.