Good night!

Old Holland is an area that is bursting at the seams with untouched nature, charming towns and great activities. With so many sights to see, this region also has a lot to offer when it comes to overnight accommodations. The possibilities for staying the night here are almost endless, find the best accommodations in Old Holland here.

Spend the night on the water

Being lulled to sleep by the dancing of the water, while staring at the starry night sky. How romantic is that! In Old Holland, this adventure is bookable at various locations. From a camping raft to fully equipped boats. Become one with nature and enjoy the twitter of waterfowl and geese as you gaze endlessly over the water. Completely zen!

Accommodation on the water
Unieke accommodatie in Noord-Holland: het kampeervlot van Flötten gevestigd in Katwoude, Waterland. Een prachtig gebied in Laag Holland.

Group accommodation

Groups of all shapes and sizes can find a place to stay in the most beautiful group accommodations in Old Holland. Have a look at all the options here. From a mill barn in the Beemster World Heritage Site to an accommodation with a view over the water. Suitable for both business and private use.

All group accommodation

Luxury stays

Sometimes you just want to be pampered. Discover our favorite hotels where luxury, relaxation and hospitality are essentials and let yourself be completely pampered. Believe us, after one visit you will never want to go home!