Recreation and Natural Areas - Out and about in Old Holland

In Old Holland it seems as if time has stood still, yet the landscape has a lot to tell. The Old Holland landscape did not always look like this, but has been largely developed by human hands over the years. A lot of work is being done to keep this special area so beautifully preserved and accessible, so that we can keep enjoying it for years to come. The extensive peat meadows, the endless water and the abundance of flora and fauna make this part of North Holland a paradise for nature lovers.

Nature calendar

Winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each season has its own character, colours, scents, rhythm and beauty. What happens in Old Holland from January to December?

Old Holland nature calendar

Even more nature

There is so much to experience the beautiful Old Holland nature. From various water sports to the most beautiful routes and from bird watching to an overnight stay in nature. Look here to find your next adventure!