Canal Walk Pumerend

(3.0 km)

During the Canal Walk you walk along the existing and filled in canals of Purmerend. Along the way you will learn about the history of this once water-rich city.

Located right in between the Purmer, Beemster and Wormer lakes, before the reclamaton, Purmerend has had many different functions over the centuries. The prosperity of the past is reflected in beautiful architectural styles and idyllic streets. Don't forget to look around you! Do you see the traces that history has left behind? The vistas? And the connection between old and new? 

This route can be followed via the yellow arrows that can be found on lampposts, traffic posts or route posts and show you the way along the route. The route starts and ends at the TOP (Tourist Transfer Point) on the Beemsterburgwal.

Useful information
The free brochure with routemap is available at the VVV Museum Shop.

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