Purmerend City Walk

(2,0 km)
The City Walk goes through the historic heart of Purmerend. Walk past centuries’ old squares and through streets where in the past, merchants noisily traded. Don’t forget to look up: facades tell a story, architectural styles vary.

This route can be followed via the red arrows that can be found on lampposts, traffic posts or route posts and show you the way along the route. The route starts and ends at the TOP (Tourist Transfer Point) on the Beemsterburgwal.

Useful information
The free brochure with routemap is available at the VVV Museum Shop.

Dit ga je zien


When you say Purmerend, you will most likely think of the Koemarkt and the cattle trade. However, until about 1880 Purmerend was mainly known for fishing and the sale of Purmer eel.

Vismarkt (Fish Market) Vismarkt Purmerend

Together with Hoogstraat and Gouw, the Peperstraat is one of the oldest streets in the city.

Peperstraat Peperstraat facade ornaments

You may notice that, despite the name, there is no church here. Many historic buildings have been replaced or have been given a different purpose. This also applies to the building of the former Catholic church.

Kerkstraat (Church Street) Theater de Purmaryn

Purmerend is centrally located in North Holland. As a result, traders and consumers from all over the province came to Purmerend on Tuesday (market day). Of course, the local population was happy to take advantage of this.

Koemarkt (left side) Historical photo of a market cafe on the Koemarkt

It takes some searching to find it, but take a walk through this alley from the Padjedijk.

Krommesteeg (Crooked Alley) Mural advertisement Krommesteeg