Boerderij De Eenhoorn, anno 1682

"De Eenhoorn" farm


Middenweg 195
1462 HM Middenbeemster
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Farm "De Eenhoorn" (the Unicorn) is a prime example of a farmhouse in De Beemster. The living area is made of brick and the rear-extended stable area of wood.

The raised central part of the 'neck' gable is a variant of the Amsterdam Vingboons style (Philip Vingboons). The gable is crowned with, among other things, the image of a unicorn and decorated with carved facade ornaments. The living area has a partial basement and the milk cellar has a tiled fireplace.

The large orchards are typical of these farms. These had several functions: in addition to producing fruit, they also provided coppice and edible wood. In early spring, the sheep grazed in the orchard with their newborn lambs. Later in the summer, the calves grazed there. The principal at the time was the mayor of Hoorn.

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