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Cycle or walk along the straight lines of the reclaimed land of the Beemster or meander through the peat meadowlands. Enjoy the picturesque fishing villages like Marken, Edam and Volendam and soak up endless vistas with the contours of the narrow church towers and mills etched onto the horizon. Listen to the birds chirp and bees buzz and moo along with the cows. No one will hear you. Catch your breath at one of the many tea gardens. Oh, it is so beautiful here…

You cycle the biketrails in most cases with the help of the so-called junction system. A junction is a uniquely numbered spot where two cycle paths cross each other. The trails are set out on the basis of these numbers. The only thing you have to do is follow the numbers in the sequence in which they are presented. You can recognise the junctions by the green and white signs along the way.

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  • Twiske Trail

    Twiske Trail De Twiske Molen door het riet

    This trail to the Twiske is not without risk since you will be cycling across...

    (44.0 km)
  • Canal Walk Pumerend

    Canal Walk Pumerend

    During the Canal Walk you walk along the existing and filled in canals of Purmerend....

    (3.0 km)
  • Water Trail

    Water Trail Huizen in Broek in Waterland

    Starting from Amsterdam, you will be surprised at how suddenly the city becomes countryside....

    (45.0 km)
  • Stelling van Amsterdam Trail

    Stelling van Amsterdam Trail Stelling van Amsterdam - Fort aan de Nekkerweg

    An ingenious piece of Dutch water engineering, that is what you see on the Stelling van...

    (49.0 km)
  • Monument Trail

    Monument Trail Old townhouse of Purmerend

    Although this is called the Monument Trail you will also come across plenty...

    (40.0 km)
  • Traditional Costume Trail

    Traditional Costume Trail Vrouwen in de Volendamse klederdracht

    The Traditional Costume Trail is a varied bike route where you cycle through...

    (41.0 km)
  • World Heritage Trail

    World Heritage Trail Luchtfoto van Fort Spijkerboor

    If you want to experience the poetry of the straight line, the you mustn’t miss...

    (50.0 km)
  • Purmerend City Walk

    Purmerend City Walk Purmerend Museum

    The City Walk goes through the historic heart of Purmerend. Walk past centuries’...

    (2.0 km)
  • Windmill Trail

    Windmill Trail Molen de Nachtegaal

    The Windmill Trail is a bike tour that takes you over old sea beds. Yes, that’s...

    (55.0 km)
  • Art on the Map

    Art on the Map A close up of one of the cows on the bronze statue on the Koemarkt with tulips in the foreground

    In Purmerend you will find more than 60 works by renowned artists in the public...

    (3.0 km)
  • Remarkable Tree Walk

    Remarkable Tree Walk The canals of Purmerend with trees along it

    This walk takes you along and through the historic city center of Purmerend,...

    (2.5 km)
  • Bathtub Trail

    Bathtub Trail

    The Bathtub Trail is a walk along the grassy dyke of the reclaimed Noordmeer,...

    (6.0 km)
  • Under Sea Level Trail

    Under Sea Level Trail Een brug in Edam

    Cycling below sea level? Many people don’t dare think about it, they’re afraid...

    (36.7 km)
  • Herring & Hemp Trail

    Herring & Hemp Trail Luchtfoto van de Eilandspolder

    Between Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Hoorn and Purmerend you will find a beautiful peat...

    (13.0 km)
  • Ferry Boat Trail

    Ferry Boat Trail Fietser die wacht bij de pont

    As the name suggests, the cyclist will come across several ferries on this trail...

    (45.0 km)