Common Oak from the bottom

Pedunculate Oak | Quercus robur

The Pedunculate Oak is a native tree in the Netherlands. Oaks belong to the Fagaceae family. Beech and birch trees belong to the same family.

In cupola carriers, the fruit of the tree is protected by a… cupule. In the case of the oak, this is the characteristic cap on top of the acorn. Did you know that pigs love acorns? In the past they were released in the woods to enjoy the acorns. And did you know that our ancestors saw oaks as sacred trees? Oaks are common in the Netherlands and in large parts of Europe and Russia. Pedunculate oaks are easy trees, they grow on almost all soil types. They can grow up to 40 meters high and quite wide. Not a tree for a city garden! The wood of the oak is durable and is widely used in the furniture industry and shipbuilding. The bark contains eek. This is again very important as a tanning agent for the leather industry.