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Koemarkt (Cattle Market)


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Until the eighties of the last century, Purmerend was a bustling 'Market City'. Every week, the Koemarkt would be full of cattle, ready to be sold.

But there was much more to do than just cattle trade. How about cheese, fish, sheep and pigs? For each product group, a specific square was allocated in the city, which made for a lively city centre. Tuesday is still market day in Purmerend. The cattle markets are now a thing of the past and that is why the Koemarkt has been given a new use. The Koemarkt has become a centre for gastronomy, with cozy cafes and nice restaurants. Many events also take place here. All of this makes the Koemarkt the 'living room' of the region!

Take a good look at the pavement of the square. Here is another reminder of the earliest history of Purmerend: five stone plaques depicting the history of the Saint Ursula Monastery that was founded on this site in 1392.

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