The flowers of a japanese ornamental cherry

Japanese Ornamental Cherry | Prunus x yedoensis


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This Japanese Cherry is considered to be one of the most beautiful flowering cherries. The tree comes from Japan, but the origin of this variety is unclear. It is said to have originated around 1730.

Cherry trees belong to the rose family, which also includes other trees such as Hawthorns, Apple trees and Pear trees.

The Japanese Ornamental Cherry has only ornamental value. The fruits that the tree grows have hardly any pulp and have a sour taste.

Prunus x yedoensis is a medium-sized tree of 6 to 10 meters in height. The crown shape is broad vase-shaped. The tips of the branches hang down, eventually flattening the crown.

The tree is in exuberant bloom in April. The flowers are light pink in bud and white in color after opening. They smell slightly of almond. The flower diameter is approximately 3.5 cm. In autumn the leaves turn bright yellow.