Black Birch | Betula nigra

Black Birch | Betula nigra


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This really is a birch, but it doesn’t have a white bark.

The Black Birch is sometimes also known as a Red Birch. It has to do with the color of the trunk. Most birches have white bark, but the Black Birch quickly peels to a reddish brown or dark brownish black trunk.

This tree comes from the United States of America. From the eastern and southeastern parts in particular. The natural growth habit is usually multi-stemmed. In early spring, the long female flowers that hang down in spikes stand out.

Birches can become quite large. This one reaches 15 meters. In the wild and in forests, a height of 25 meters is achievable. The black birch prefers moist soil, but can still grow in slightly drier ground. The tree is not suitable for narrow streets. This tree comes into its own in a park or forest.