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Common Oak | Quercus robur


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The Common Oak is a native tree in the Netherlands. Oaks belong to the Fagaceae family. Beech and birch trees belong to the same family.

The Common Oak is native to the Netherlands. Oaks are quite common in the Netherlands and in large parts of Europe and Russia.

Common Oaks are not very particular when it comes to soil, they'll grow almost anywhere. They are large trees that can reach a height of 40 meters and can also become quite wide. Leaves and flowers do not stand out.

The Oak tree's fruits, acorns, are commonly known. Pigs love the acorns, so pigs used to be released into forests to eat them. Our ancestors saw the oak as a sacred tree.

The wood is durable and is used in the furniture industry and shipbuilding. Oak bark was important as a tanning agent for the leather industry.