A painting of the Neckerpoort from 1798

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The Neckerpoort (Neck Gate) is one of the five former gates of the old city of Purmerend.

When Purmerend received city status in 1410, earthen walls were built around the city to keep out any potential enemies. Initially, four city gates were built, but after the reclamation of the Beemster a fifth was added. Anyone who wanted to enter the city came through one of these gates, after paying the gate fee of course.

The old wooden Neckerpoort was later replaced by a stone one. However, the gate was demolished in 1818 to make room for the Noordhollandsch Kanaal (North Holland Canal). In 2013, the Nieuwe Neckerpoort was built opposite the location of the old gate, where a fine catering facility offers a recognizable image of the inns that used to be built around the city gates.