Plane | Platanus x hispanica

Plane | Platanus x hispanica


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There is a beautiful plane tree at the beginning of the park. Plane trees are capable of withstanding the urban climate and can easily reach a height of 25 to 35 metres.

This tree is a cross between the western and the oriental plane tree. Until recently, the name was Platanus x acerifolia, which means: resembling a maple leaf.

Plane trees are often planted in the city. Because of the peeling trunk, the large, light leaves and the round fruits, almost everyone is familiar with the plane tree.

They grow almost everywhere and can withstand dust and air pollution. Major pruning of the branches is not a problem. In short, a fine tree for street and park. If they can grow fully and freely, they become impressive trees.

A few of these specimens are in the tree-lined route and are already quite large.