Oak-leaved Beech

Oak-leaved Beech | Fagus sylvatica 'Quercifolia'

Don't be fooled! This is not an oak, it’s a beech with leaves that closely resemble those of an oak tree. Hence the name.

Beech trees are native to the Netherlands. But the leaf of this species looks more like the leaf of an oak. The oak-leaved beech is also only found in Europe. It is not known exactly when this species was selected. Beeches belong to the so-called cupola family: the fruit is protected by a cupule. Beeches don't want to grow everywhere. The tree occurs in the final stage of forest development. The soil must be moist and well-drained. The groundwater level should not be too high, but not too dry either. The beech lives in symbiosis with a fungus. This means that without this fungus it is difficult for the tree to grow. This tree can grow up to 20 meters. The crown eventually becomes round. Due to the sour leaves and the dense crown, little will grow under a beech. Beech forests are therefore very open.