Hanging Silver Lime

Hanging Silver Lime | Tilia petiolaris or tilia tomentosa pendula

How beautiful can a tree be. This Lime has been able to grow freely for years to the size it is now. Originally there were two, but one has died from a fungus.

This hanging silver lime tree is a cross between a tilia tomentosa and an unknown lime species. The pendulous silver lime comes from Southeast Europe and Western Asia and is not native to the Netherlands. For reasons that are unclear, this beautiful park tree is rarely cultivated. The hanging branches are probably a problem. The tree must be crowned high to be able to drive under it. At 10 meters the tree remains relatively narrow, but it can grow high: 25 meters or even higher. The flowering of this tree is the last of all linden trees: sometime in June, July or August. Its nectar or pollen is said to be poisonous to bees. Special is the white-gray underside of the leaf.