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This farm was built in 1881 by order of the Amsterdam Deutzenhofje. This distinguished court on the Prinsengracht was built in 1694-95, financed from the estate of Agneta Deutz.

The farm owes its name to this lady. From an estate she acquired the plots AK 12 and 13 and HK 101, a total area of 60 morgen (a morgen is an old measurement that indicates how much land can be plowed in one morning. Depending on the area, a morning is about one hectare). Wouter Sluis, a pioneer in the field of dairy preparation, agriculture and horticulture, moved into the Deutzenhofje on December 2, 1858. in 1881 the farm was replaced by a new building. The rear area with the rooms for milk processing, livestock sheds, etc. was built on the instructions of Sluis and entirely in accordance with his wishes.