Beemster Poort

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The Beemster-Poort (Beemster Gate) was the fifth and last city gate to be built around Purmerend.

The first four gates were built after obtaining city status in 1410. The need for a fifth gate arose after the reclamation of the Beemster in 1612. A simple wooden gate was built on the bridge from the city to the newly acquired land: The Beemster Gate. When De Beemster was reclaimed and the roads were passable, this route was used to move towards Oosthuizen and Hoorn. As a result, the access road through the Hoornsche Poort was hardly used anymore.

During a period of peace, the city walls and city gates became redundant as defense works. If an enemy did arrive, the retractable bridges could be used to protect the city. Between 1830 and 1840, all gates in Purmerend, with the exception of the Amsterdamsche Poort, were demolished.