Mountain Maple

Mountain Maple | Acer pseudoplantanus 'Atropurpurea'


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It is not entirely certain that the common maple is native to the Netherlands. Some say so, others believe that the tree has only been known in the Netherlands since the late Middle Ages.

The species is native to Central and Southern Europe and Southwest Asia. The red-leaved maple is a color deviation of the common maple. Red-leaved plants are regularly found in seedlings. Some of these have been given names. The color can vary from wine red to dark purple. The underside of the leaf is purple-red in this culture variety.

The tree is not particular about soil. which means that it can to grow everywhere. Wind is also no problem for the red-leaved maple. It can become a big tree. A height of 20 meters or more is no exception.

The tree has a beautiful palmate leaf and the fruits are also characteristic. The 'helicopters' are well known to children. The flowers are rich in honey. The trees sometimes suffer from aphids. The wood is valuable and is used for parquet, musical instruments and gymnastics equipment.