Ash-leaved Maple

Ash-leaved Maple | Acer negundo 'Aureomarginata'


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This very broad tree with heavy trunks is really old. The tree comes from the northern United States. It belongs to the maple family. It is one of the compound-leafed maples.

Most maples have palmate leaves. This tree is quite special because of the deviating leaf shape with 3 to 5 leaves.

This is a German cultivar that was discovered in a nursery in 1891. This tree has a color deviation in the leaf. The leaf margin is creamy white. Unfortunately, this culture variety is declining. The original species takes over an increasing part of the deviating color. This often happens with these kinds of deviations.

The trees like a nutrient-rich and moist spot. They also appreciate the sun. The Feather Maple is about 10 meters high and has a round crown. The tree has a tendency to form basal shoots, making the crown very messy. The yellow autumn leaves fall in early autumn. The fruits linger longer.

This tree is located in the old cemetery. It is open to the public on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM.