Inundation lock on the Zuidelijke Beemsterringdijk

Inundation lock in Zuidelijke Beemsterringdijk


Zuiddijk 14
1461 EB Zuidoostbeemster
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The Inundation Lock is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam and was constructed by the War Department between 1890 and 1891.

The lock formed the main point in the water management of the Beemster polder and was constructed with the purpose of flooding the Beemster in the event of enemy attacks. It consists of a lock section in the dyke and a subsequent basin section in the upper polder of the Beemster. Water from the Noordhollandsch Kanaal was discharged onto the polder via this basin. When the polder was flooded in 1940, it was done with the use of this lock. After the military function was discontinued, the lock fell into disuse. The openings on the canal side were closed with concrete and the lock passages and the drainage bed were filled with earth.