A row of christine buisman elm trees

Christine Buisman Elm | Ulmus carpinifolia 'Christine Buisman'


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These seven very rare elms are named after Christine Buisman, who has conducted pioneering research into elm disease. There are three varieties. Can you see the difference?

The Field Elm is a parent of the Dutch elm. Naturally, this tree belongs to the elm family. 

Christine Buisman was involved in tackling Dutch elm disease at the beginning of the last century. Together with Bea Schwartz, she developed the first cultivated varieties that were resistant to Dutch Elm disease.

Elms do like some moisture and nutrients in their soil. They grow well in light shade, in forest edges, hedges, etc. This cultivar does not tolerate sea wind well. This Elm variety remains smaller than the Dutch Elm.

Presumably these elms have been on this site since the 1950s. The tree grows with tangled branches in a kind of vase shape.

The tree is not completely resistant to Dutch Elm disease, but this row still holds up quite well. In 2007, some specimens were planted in Amsterdam.