Purmerend Market Town

The population of Purmerend has grown from 7,000 residents in 1955 to its current population of almost 80,000 residents. Back in those days, the town's economy grew through market trading. There were many markets, including a cheese market, sheep market, fish market, horse market, calf market, vegetable market and poultry market. These markets attracted many traders and buyers to the city thus enabling the people of Purmerend to earn a living. They worked on the market, in shops, restaurants, cafés and so-called Tuesday houses (houses that served as a coffee house exclusively on Tuesdays), or in livery stables, unharnessing locations and forges, where they were able to earn money from the visitors to their beautiful town. Nowadays, Purmerend is still known as a market town. The large market on Tuesdays attracts many visitors. There is an abundance of vegetables, fruit, cheese, fish, clothing and other products available. Many ‘ theme’  markets are also organised during the year such as the matsmarkten (bargain markets), which take place every last Thursday of the month in the months of May to September, and in October on the Thursday during the autumn half-term holiday. 


There are a number of markets throughout the week:

Tuesday: Town centre from 09.00 to14.00 hours

Wednesday: Shopping centre Meerland from 09.00 to 17.00 hours

Thursday: Shopping centre Weidevenne, 09.00 to 17.00 hours

Friday: Shopping centre Gildeplein from 09.00 to 17.00 hours

Saturday: Shopping centre Wormerplein from 09.00 to 15.00 hours