Hiking trails Starting Point Broek in Waterland

The North Holland Hiking Network has marked trails from about 2 to 16 km, which begin at a Starting Point. Starting Points in Waterland with specific trails are: Monnickendam, Broek in Waterland, Marken and Ilpendam. At the Starting Point Broek in Waterland you find the Noordmeer trail (blue) 6.8 km, the Tramline trail (green) 6.6 km and the Boot Path trail (red) 10.6 km.

General Information
All starting points and trails can be found on the website of the Hiking Network, complete with maps and trail descriptions. All trails and maps are free. You can download, print or share them with friends. You can also add the trails to the free app!
Starting Points are easily accessible by car and usually by public transport too. It is easy to park and usually find nice restaurants and cafes in the area. There is an information board at every Starting Point showing the most beautiful hiking trails in the immediate vicinity.

Hiking trails Starting Point Broek in Waterland
- The Noordmeer trail (blue) 6.8 km is a short walk around the Noordmeer, a deep polder that looks a lot like an empty, green bath tub. On the other side of the grass dike you look out over an open, wet marsh landscape. Dogs are prohibited. The trail is not accessible during breeding season (15th March -15th June).
- De Tramline trail (green) 6.6 km is short trail over the former tracks of the Waterland tram to Monnickendam. The trail runs past new construction in Waterland style, drained lakes and a sanitized toxic polder. Dogs are not allowed.
- De Boot path trail (red) 10.6 km is called after the swampy footpath along the south edge of Varkensland nature reserve. Via the sober sister village, Watergang you walk back along the Broekervaart. Dogs are not allowed. During breeding season (15th March to 15th June) this trail is not accessible.

How does it work
On the website www.wandelnetwerknoordholland.nl, go to Starting Points and then to Laag Holland. Pick one of the Starting Points. Open the map of the Starting Point and find where the Starting Point is located on the map. Walk the trail following the coloured arrows painted on the marking posts.

You can also open the map for Starting Point Broek in Waterland on this VVV website.



Hiking trails Starting Point Broek in Waterland

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