Wall poems trail

The cycling and hiking guide, Waterlandse Muurgedichten (Wall Poems) trail. This cultural historical guide describes the animal poems, written on the walls of village centres of Waterland and in the city centre of Monnickendam. These wall poems are an ode to the animals that played an important role in bygone days, like the whale and anchovy, but also to the animals of today, the grassland birds, the swan and the cow that are still important to this beautiful wetland area. Visit picturesque villages like Broek in Waterland, Ilpendam and Uitdam and the old Zuiderzee town of Monnickendam.

The Wall Poems trail takes you cycling, hiking or sailing in a canoe or whisper boat, to 25 animal poems. In a unique way you are introduced to the animals of yesterday and today that were significant to this marshland area. You get plenty of information about animals, landscape, the past and sightseeing opportunities of this region. The combination of culture and nature is unique. This mini-guide is on sale at Information Point Waterland.