Gnome Path Purmerbos

Did you know that gnomes live around here? At least, we think so, since you can see traces of gnome everywhere. Small footprints in the sand, tyre tracks from a wheelbarrow, flattened grass where one took an afternoon nap. And you can also see gnome droppings here and there. Really!

Gnomes usually live in burrows or in a hollow tree. But sometimes in an abandoned shed or hut made of twigs. Male and female gnomes are really nice and of course they adore their gnome children. They are hard-working and helpful and busy all day. Doing what? If you walk the gnome path you will find out for yourself. And don’t forget to look for signs of gnome as you go, and with a little luck you will come across a real gnome.... 

At the Purmerbos stables you will find a knapsack filled with goodies waiting for you. Put on a pointed hat and paint your cheeks red, and a trail of between 500 and 1500 metres with your parents. On the way, listen to a story from the gnome book and follow the gnome orders. A beaded chain tells you the colour of the next trail post. Afterwards you can take the pointed hat home with you.



Gnome Path Purmerbos