Bicycle trip Beemster, De Rijp, Schermerhorn

Bicycle trip 33 km. You cycle through De Beemster past the beautiful farm houses on the Middenweg to the "Jisperweg" and "Spijkerboor" forts. You can make a short walk around the last fort. Parking places on the grounds of the fort. Through De Rijp, past the church and the Tuingracht (Wooden House Museum), you go to the Oostdijkje. Past the old land of the Eilandspolder, you cycle the last piece over a dirt path to Schermerhorn. Be careful when crossing and go the smallest house on 't Zuidje. Past the church on the Oosteinde to the Westdijk, Mijzerweg, Noorddijk, Hobrederweg to MB.

The Land van Leeghwater is a merging of two former municipalities: Graft-De Rijp and Schermer, now the municipality of Alkmaar. It is a real North Holland landscape, with green polders, numerous waterways and high dikes. Restored windmills, stately stolp farmhouses with pretty farmyards and picturesque villages continuously alternate with each other. There is a rich variety of flora and fauna.

There are two world heritage sites in the area:
De Beemster monument of 17th century landscape design and De Stelling van Amsterdam around Amsterdam.

Useful to know

  • Type of Route: Recreation
  • Route obstacles: Bridge, On the road, Crossing secondary road , Flat, Separate cycle path