Beemster, blossom or harvest walk

Traditionally, De Beemster is mainly an arable and cattle area, but there are also orchards – large orchards near outdoor areas and small fruit gardens in the farm yards. The fruit from these farming fruit gardens was mainly for personal use. This 7 km walk lets you see how beautiful it is in De Beemster when these blossom. At the end of August and in September you can enjoy the fruit from the trees.

In the second part of the 19th century fruit growing emerged on a commercial basis and De Beemster grew into an important fruit centre. Replacing the windmills with steam pumps made this possible – fruit trees do not thrive in a fluctuating water table. Then, especially in the south east corner, many fruit nurseries with tall tree orchards emerged. Only a few of them are left, their tall trees have been replaced by spindles. Tall fruit trees, now elderly, still stand in large numbers in the fruit gardens at the farms.