Roman Catholic church Joannes de Doper

This church, dedicated to John the Baptist, was designed by H. Bijvoets and built in 1878-1879. The design of the vicarage is also his. The building style is Neo Gothic. After the adoption of the Constitution of 1848, that among other things, guaranteed Roman Catholics freedom of religion, many Neo Gothic churches were built in this style. Since Gothic was originally a Catholic building style, the choice of this Neo Gothic style for the new Catholic church was only logical.

The church has a remarkable altar, stained glass windows and an 1890 organ, with main work, swell and pedal made by the Brothers Franssen of Roermond.

Prior to 1879, services were held in clandestine churches. At the time there were four of these clandestine churches in De Beemster. One of them, café De Kerckhaen, stands next to the current church.



Roman Catholic church Joannes de Doper
Jisperweg 55