Great Church or Sint Nicolaas Church

The Great Church is the most image defining historical building that of Monnickendam. The Great Church is a three-halled church. The roofs of the three halls rest on the outer walls and on 24 pillars. The almost 10-meter-wide oak choir screen is one of the showpieces of the Great Church. The church is open to visitors from mid-April to end-September. The church belongs to the Protestant community of Monnickendam.

In the late fourteenth century, the rapidly-growing Monnickendam decided to build a new church. A location on the outskirts of the city was chosen to protect the building from city fires. Construction took 250 years. After the reformation the church was established as a Reformed church. In earlier years, those who could afford it, were buried in the church.

The Great Church is open during the summer months for public viewing.

There are crowded celebrations every two weeks in the church. See

The great church is regularly rented out. The space is ideally suitable for exhibitions, concerts, receptions, conferences and of course for weddings and funerals. In the summer months the church is regularly used for exhibitions.



Great Church or Sint Nicolaas Church
Zarken 2

Phone number: 0299 652 141
Email: info@grotekerkmonnickendam.­nl

Opening hours

Weekly , starting from 01-10-2019 , until 01-03-2020 on Sunday and Saturday.
13:30 - 16:00 hrs