Fort Middenweg

The fort lies on the southern ring dike of De Beemster polder. The North Holland Canal runs behind the fort and the dike. An inundation lock for De Beemster lies east of the fort. The purpose of the fort was the closure and defense of the accesses form by the Middenweg and the Zuiddijk. The original situation around the fort has been preserved: open polder landscape outside the Defense Line and the dike and the canal inside the Defense Line.

The fort was used as warehouse complex from an unknown date until after 1974 and on 1-12-1950 as a gunpowder store. Later used by Eurometaal (Artillery Devices); in 1980/1983 still in use. Smalspoor was present for this.?

The facilities for a Detention and Residential Camp for political delinquents was partly added in 1946 but the fort was not used as a camp.?

Flora & Fauna are of great natural value. Due to the extreme temperature fluctuations on the bare fort grounds, you find obvious dune vegetation here. Some of these are: Stonecrop, Sand wall, Real Walstro, Ragwort and Rough Forget-me-not. You also see: Gypsywort, Red Water Speedwell and Creeping Jenny. The long-eared owl and freshwater prawn are also inhabitant of the park around the fort.



Fort Middenweg
Zuiddijk 13