Fort Jisperweg

The fort lies on the southern ring dike of De Beemster polder. The North Holland Canal runs behind the fort and the dike. Until the closure the fort had the defense of the access leading to it (the Jisperweg.) In 1918 in used as a military house fora bout 20 detainees, other than conscientious objectors, of the Council of War. Other detainees were locked up in the Fort Nekkerweg or Fort Spijkerboor. From the ring dike, the access road runs to the neck end of the fort. The fort guard’s house and the iron storage shed are no longer present.

A canal runs around the entire fort, the access bridge is no longer present and has been replaced by a single dam. The main building is at the neck end and has a door and two windows with steel shutters to every room. The space that leads to the postern has a large double steel door. The front embankment is still present and has four machine gun line-ups and at the front in the middle, instead of a front building, a retractable turret building.?

In the land around the fort you find rare birds such as the golden oriole and owl. Special plants include the Myriophyllum spicatum, Ringelwikke and Blue Walstro.



Fort Jisperweg
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