‘Experience De Beemster'

‘Experience the Beemster' is a multi-media flight over De Beemster reclamation down the centuries. Old and new images show the development of the area. The wild water that had to be tamed. Lenders, important men from Amsterdam and The Hague, for example, made the financing of this great project possible. Jan Adriaanszoon Leeghwater, the clever carpenter’s son from De Rijp, was appointed by them to manage the technical side of the reclamation. En passant, he improved the functioning of the windmills.

De Beemster flourished, but also suffered from recessions.  Many of the beautiful country residences disappeared in the period 1750 - 1850. But what remained was the pattern of divisions as it was conceived in 1612 and still determines the image of De Beemster. Along the straight roads lined with rows of trees, stand
the beautiful proud stolp farmhouses. Some are still working farms; others are in private ownership.

The water management that began with windmills is now
fully automated. 'Experience De Beemster' shows it all at a glance and is certainly worth a (group) visit.



‘Experience De Beemster'
Middenweg 185

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