Culvert in the Volgerweg - Jispersloot

Part of the Stelling van Amsterdam. This concrete culvert was laid under the road and facilitates communication between the sections on both sides of the Jispersloot. It probably dates from the mobilization period of 1914-1918. The reasoning is that it is likely the Volgerweg served as inundation barrier.

The culvert is made in gravelled concrete with a single orifice in the heart line of the Jispersloot. It is the only element of the inundation barrier in De Beemster and, in possession of the wind work, is the finest example of a concrete culvert in the Stelling van Amsterdam.

The culvert was probably laid between 1914 and 1918 when the north side of the inundation was moved from the Rijperweg to the Volgerweg.



Duiker in de Volgerweg - Jispersloot
Volgerweg 20

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