The Melkweg bridge

Since 2012 the Melkweg bridge has been a defining feature of the ‘skyline’ of Purmerend. The slow traffic bridge and its distinctive bow connects downtown with the popular residential area of Weidevenne. From the bow, you have a marvellous view of the city of Purmerend and the North Holland Canal. In 2013, the Melkweg bridge was given an honourable mention from the branch association for Dutch Architect Firms. (BNA). The honourable mention is one of five nominations for the architect award ‘Building of the year, 2013'.

The bridge is growing in popularity among Purmerenders and is now known as the Purmerend love bridge. Several bridal couples hang padlocks on the bridge as a seal of their love, just like has been done for years in Paris on the 'Pont de l'Archevêche'.



The Melkweg bridge
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