Bridge in the Rijperweg

The bridge was built in 1899 in the Rijperweg to the west of the junction with the Middenweg and is constructed of brick and consists of two bridge heads and the passageway under the Rijperweg is in stone covered by a single-stone segment arch. On both the northern and southern front walls there are iron bridge railings with wrought iron fencing.

With the provisions in the bridge heads, the water under the bridge could be held back on both sides as inundation partition. As shot beam barrier, this unique bridge is an example of a series of tram bridges on the Volgerweg where similarly the flow could be closed with shot beam dams.

The terrain is part of the former Stelling van Amsterdam, the military line of permanent defense construction around the capital, that also served as National Reduit and was laid between 1880 and 1920 by the War Department.



Brug in de Rijperweg