Betje Wolff Museum

The Betje Wolff Museum is devoted to the life and times of noted Dutch author Elizabeth Wolff-Bekker. It's housed inside an elegantly restored church in Middenbeemster, a small town located north of Amsterdam.

A window into the region's past
The author, whose maiden name was Bekker and who often went by her nickname Betje Wolff, lived in the church's rectory during her 18-year long marriage to a pastor named Adrian Wolff. The museum offers a rotating series of exhibitions in addition to displays that recreate Wolff's era. Visitors will find the furniture and décor restored to their original splendour, in addition to a library filled with the books Wolff penned with her collaborator Aagje Blanket. The museum also serves as a wedding venue.



Betje Wolff Museum
Middenweg 178

Opening hours

14:00 - 17:00 hrs