Monnickendammer Fishdays

Monnickendam in its heyday was all smokehouses and shipyards. Its “Fish Days” will take you back to a bygone age when many of its inhabitants worked in the fish processing trade. Unlike Volendam – where the fish was unloaded – Monnickendam was known mainly for its processing: the handling and smoking of various sorts of fish: eel, mackerel and herring.

Experience for yourself how for centuries Monnickendam and its picturesque harbour was a bustling scene of fish smokers, fish nets and fishing boats. And how fish smokers sent the city up in smoke.
Taste fish that is still smoked using traditional methods.



Monnickendammer Visdagen
Zuideinde 9

Phone number: 06 13370316
Email: secretariaat@monnickendammervisdagen.­nl

Opening hours

Weekly , starting from 20-07-2018 , until 24-08-2018 on Friday.
11:00 - 17:00 hrs