Agrarisch Museum Westerhem

The Agrarisch Museum Westerhem is located on a former dairy farm that first began operating in the town of Middenbeemster back in 1877. After extensive renovations, it reopened as a museum in the spring of 2000.

Down on the farm
The museum offers a glimpse at what everyday life was like on a 19th century Dutch dairy farm. Features include a historic barn complete with a hay loft. The house itself is very traditional and contains features that might seem odd to modern visitors. Among them, a box bed was installed by the original owners in the living room. Visitors will also find traditional farm equipment, vehicles, and tools, in addition to the only operational natural gas well in Noord-Holland. These old-fashioned boilers were once used to heat water.



Agrarisch Museum Westerhem
Middenweg 185

Opening hours

14:00 - 17:00 hrs